Mobile Internet re-create automotive industry: Opportunities and challenges of the next billion dollar market

Mobile Internet re-create automotive industry: Opportunities and challenges of the next billion dollar market

Mobile Internet,Internet of Things (IOT), OBD2 and more car-related mobile applications, To creat the new chapter for our life

First, the car is becoming a movement of smart devices, the ultimate state as Google driverless car;
Secondly, with the performance of the car carrying the driving various data was opening gradually, and the data is innovation
Third, “Automobile” is a very special and products for mobile application scenarios; even if you can not drive, intelligent
transportation category, car products also began to walking into your life.


The Topic 1

The car manufacturers Smart plan
The typical company: Ford, Hyundai, Tesla, Google driverless car


Apple, Google and Microsoft‘s ongoing vehicle system development and cooperation with the manufacturers. In addition, many

manufacturers are developing comes with the “smart car system”:
Ford and Microsoft to develop the SYNC voice technology, the car containing an entertainment system and also introduced the
“developer platform” in 2013s
Hyundai intelligent system based on MirrorLink technical standards, it can be identify the different phones and determine the owners,
and even installed NFC chip in the door and “scan phone” to opne the car door;
Electric cars may be to complete intelligent one step,headquartered in Silicon Valley electric car manufacturer Tesla launched the
car with built a computer, it can be connect to a 3G network directly, all functions will be completed in the car of the touch
The famous Google was developed the unmanned systems on the car, it can be combined with sensors, radar, cameras and GPS, It can
replace the driver completely
The Topic 2

By OBD diagnostic condition data
Case: Carvoyant,, Automatic

An important item is OBD: On-Board Diagnostics, automatic on-board diagnostics. Most of cars will be have OBD Feature, which is
equivalent to an interface, you can output the vehicle usage data, such as fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system and
other systems. it can be extracted By these peripheral data
American car companies Carvoyant collects data will send a reminder to the owner of the App when a failure occurs in the car ;
Recently Appear on the crowdfunding platform “”item need to use the peripherals connected to OBD interface to manage and
monitor condition, but also to detect data from with acceleration sensors .
China also has similar products, such as “the driver state”, “i car life” will extract OBD data, constitute onboard equipment and
platform to remote diagnostic analysis or management, to transfers data through wifi or Bluetooth to the phone, and there are regular
maintenance and automatic remind inspection.


The Topic 3

Location-based automotive services

Case: OnStar, Waze, Glympse, Split Second

In the field of Telematics (telematics),the best known companies is the information security systems provider–OnStar, they are use
the built-in hardware like rearview mirror to locate the vehicle, to automatic crash alarm, roadside assistance and other services;
Chinese company have a product to collecting data and draw traffic map.
A location sharing App “Glympse” can share your location information to other people’s phones; “Splitsecnd” App built-in GPS and
acceleration sensors, in addition to sharing your location, it will also report the accident site at the time of a vehicle collision
immediately to relief agencies . And combined with Augmented Reality (AR) and other technologies, such applications can also solve
the issue-“how to find my car”


The Topic 4

App scan driving state for car
Case: Augmented Driving, Siri, dragonfly fm

Specifically applicable to the driving state of the product may be formed an important branch. Ford SYNC main purpose is to avoid
driver distraction through voice system; “driving assistant” app in iPad platform “AugmentedDriving” allows the driver to see on the
screen ahead of the vehicle in real time on the road , the left and right lane, and driving around the car models speed limit area
and reminders. As well as voice products, car radios etc.

The Topic 5

Car market of mobile Internet products
Case: RelayRides, Silvercar,
Taxi, Call taxi with other guest, To Help other driving and other services. the best use of state is “real-time in the field” for the
mobile terminal App to complete, and it is expected to the car stationed intelligence system.
Private car Short Term company RelayRides was cooperation with OnStar , To connection interface in the Chevrolet, Cadillac car, the
owner can be send information of the car rent through RelayRides mobile app, OnStar equipment will automatically perform remote
unlocking, monitoring, positioning; Silvercar will provide car hire serive to prepare a good car in the designated area in airport ,
And open App scan the QR code can open the door on the front of the car window.

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