Last 2015 The global automotive industry’s top ten most hot news

1, Volkswagen personnel earthquake Chairman and CEO are Substitution

Event Overview: In April, Volkswagen chairman (the equivalent of the chairman) Ferdinand Piech, Chairman of the Management Committee of the same year (CEO) Martin Winterkorn escalation of conflict. Piech tries to support Porsche CEO Murren upper replace Winterkorn, after losing pressure from the aspect of trade unions, and other public shareholders, and thus was forced to resign. September after the outbreak of mass exhaust doors, and a new round of personnel turbulence, Winterkorn also leave their posts, Murren success succeed. In addition, from the Skoda brand’s CEO, the Group’s R & D leader, Volkswagen Group of dozens of top-level executive positions substitutions.

Comments: Although the second half of the public personnel earthquake and exhaust doors are inseparable, but the first half is Piech to step down from the first half has been kicked off; and Piech – Winterkorn dispute behind the scenes is the Porsche family, etc. the parties in the public competition, so K-car separately as ten big news. Different from the usual personnel changes, the mass conversion of people in the back, but restructuring and adjustment of architecture, even including cultural change.

2, General Motors over 500 million sales mark

Events Overview: May 4, 2015, General Motors announced that since the company was founded 106 years, has so far completed the production work 500 million cars, which also means that the total sales of GM as the largest auto companies. General Motors was founded in 1908, 1964, 1978, 1991 and 2003 have been through 100 million, 200 million, 300 million and 400 million mark.

Comments: General Motors car prices as gripping global sales crown the longest production car prices, the first to achieve 500 million cumulative production scale, more than the sum of Toyota and Volkswagen. For the auto industry, this is a milestone. In addition to General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen, Ford and Nissan only to achieve a cumulative production of billions of dollars. When a digital to accumulate a sufficiently large extent, it has been given its own meaning.

3, Takada the air bag event  is still the largest expansion in the history of auto recall

Event Overview: Japan Takada in the automotive airbag industry’s market share considerably, however, when the airbag inflator could explode and cause casualties, the history of the largest car recall began. Starting in 2008, Takata airbag defect cause sporadic vehicles were recalled in 2013, the number of surge since 2014 totaled 3,000 million, in May 2015 breakthrough 4,000 million mark. Even to December 2015, a major case concerning Takata airbag result is still not corpuscles, Article VIII of the United States in this ruin lives.

Comments: Takada “air bag door” leading to the current total number of cars recalled about Toyota “pedal door” three times more than in 2014 shocked the industry another pile of “ignition switch gate” almost twice, and the digital still It continues to grow. Car prices in the most damaged Honda and even re-released first quarter financial figures. After seeing huge economic losses behind, insiders and vendors should be more focus on “large-scale” double-edged sword and quality oversight mechanisms speculative. In addition, Autoliv and other Takada competitors benefit from this event, the pattern of the air bag suppliers are also expected to shuffle.

4, Hyundai launched an independent luxury brand

Events Overview: November 4, 2015, Hyundai Motor announced the original high-end sub-brand Genesis established as an independent global luxury car brand. Genesis 6 brand new models will be released in 2020. Which released two years ago luxury midsize sedan Genesis (brand new name to the model) will be preserved, and next month will launch a larger size flagship sedan. Other new models include a 4 Coupe coupe and a SUV. SUV which is expected to release around 2019. Modern Genesis will adopt a new logo and brand name system, it is expected to adopt similar Infiniti luxury brand of digital nomenclature, after the first letter of the brand G plus 70, 80 and 90 represent different sizes of models.

Comments: When prices in the off products “upside” and “dropping” as the two trends, the brand, to create an independent luxury brands (such as DS) and the development of low-cost brands (such as Volkswagen new cheap cars) have their typical representative. Hyundai in previous years, the automotive industry, “Phoenix man” image, jumped on the branches. However, in recent years has suffered bottleneck, sales growth stalled. In order to enhance the brand image, to obtain higher profits, the introduction of independent luxury brand is also reasonable. But now the luxury car market competition is heating up, “new” How to get a foothold, is still a question mark.

5, Tim Bentley listed as the first ultra-luxury SUV

Event Overview: January 2015, Bentley’s first SUV model to the selected name Bentayga. September, Chinese car called “add more” in the fourth quarter in the Chinese market. The car is not only Bentley’s first SUV, also the ultra-luxury brand’s first SUV. Tim’s inception more immediately popular, orders currently available over-year sales forecast. Next, Bentley also consider adding the following paragraph to build SUV, positioned in miniaturization.

Comments: SUV fires in recent years, not only in popular brand, but also take the heat obvious luxury SUV. Ultra-luxury brand also sit still, from Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, positioned furthest from the sports to Rolls-Royce, one after another thrown SUV program. Bentley is the first approval, production and sales of ultra-luxury SUV brand, occupying the initiative step.

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