Auto diagnosis protocol development and testing

Auto diagnosis protocol development and testing

In the OBD2 auto diagnosis filed, diagnostic equipment for data exchange between ECU and cars, almost all major car companies to develop the relevant standards and protocols.Among them, an onboard diagnostic protocol standard widely used in the automotive sector in Europe is KWP2000 (Keyword Protocol 2000), the agreement implements a complete set of on-board diagnostic services, and to meet the E-OBD (European On Board Diagnose) standards. KWP2000 initially based on K-line diagnostic protocol, due to the limitations of K-line physical layer and the data link layer in the network management and communication speed, then K-lines  can not meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated onboard diagnostic network.

The CAN network (Controller Area Network) network due to its non-destructive arbitration mechanism, higher communication speed (up to 1M bps) and a flexible and reliable means of communication, in-vehicle networking widely popular, more and more car Manufacturers of the CAN bus used in automotive control, diagnostics and communications. Widely used in the automotive sector in Europe in recent years, based on KWP2000 CAN bus, namely ISO 15765 protocol, KWP2000 based on physical layer and data link layer protocol K lines will be phased out.

Network protocol development and test applications, the United States and Germany Vector MathWorks company provides a powerful development and testing tools, It can be used separately protocol stack source development and ECU testing.

2 KWP2000 protocol based on K-line
KWP2000 protocol standard based on the K-line includes ISO / WD 14230-1 ~ 14230-4, correspondence between the various parts of an agreement with the OSI model as shown in Table 1.

ISO 14230-1 specifies the physical layer protocol specification KWP2000 (K-line, L-line), it is based on ISO 9141-2 on the data exchange system extended to the 24V voltage system. ISO 14230-2 specifies the data link layer protocol KWP2000, including contents of the message structure, the initialization process, the communication connection management, timing parameters, and error handling. K-line message includes header, data field and checksum three parts, in which the packet header contains the byte format, destination address (optional), a source address (optional) and the additional length information (optional)


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