Foxwell GT80 PLUS Next Generation Diagnostic Platform

Foxwell GT80 PLUS Next Generation Diagnostic Platform

Foxwell GT80 Plus Based on a large (10 inch LED touch screen),modern Windows 8.1 tablet computer, Foxwell’s next generation automotive tool GT80 PLUS provides professional diagnosis on over 59 American, Asian and European vehicle makes. This essential piece of garage equipment offers access to a vast range of controllers (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.), live sensor data, and system/component-level bi-directional controls to get the job done faster and with a greater degree of accuracy.

  1. easy to operate, 10 inch LED touch screen with modernWindows 8.1 tablet computer
  2. professional & accurate diagnosis on over59 American, Asian and European vehicle makes
  3. access to a vast range of controllers (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.)
  4. live sensor data
  5. system/component-level bi-directional controls to get the job done faster and with a greater degree of accuracy.



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