Coding With the Foxwell NT500

SKODA Coding With the Foxwell NT500

I’d to share it (Foxwell NT500 Useing) for many car owner

I recently purchased the Foxwell NT500 VAG scan tool. ECS Tuning had it for $169 with free shipping.

There has been some interest and questions from some folks in regards to the coding capabilities of the unit, so I did a quick run through to illustrate.

Here’s a quick coding example to disable the seat belt chime on my 2008 A4 (You can see the selection for Adaptation in this view as well

auto scan

Foxwell VAG Scanner NT500

Foxwell VAG Scanner

Foxwell VAG

Complete with explanations of code values:


VAG Scanner

Entering new code using keyboard feature:

Scanner NT500

I had to edit all of the other values and set them to their current values otherwise it says “Coding Not Complete”:

OBD2 Tool


DIY Scanner

car scanner

Have a good evening!