BMW INPA Ediabas software and setup instruction

You can download BMW INPA 5.0.2 (last version, includes NCSExpert and WinKFP) software here: INPA (this set is fully tested by me).

Unpack INPA and run Programminstallation/setup.exe

1. Choose language:

2. Select “I accept agreement” and click “Next”:

3. Next step:

4. Next step:

5. Next step:

6. Next step:

7. Next step:

8. Next step:

9. Next step:

10. Next step:

11. Next step:

12. Next step (select STD:OBD even if you have DCAN cable) :

13. Next step (select COM port that your cable plugged in):

14. Next step:

15. Next step (click “skip” 3 times):

16. Next step:

17. Next step (restart your computer):


And now,WORLDOBD2.COM engineer NOTICE:BMW INPA  instruction complete

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