AutelTech UAV debut in 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show

AutelTech UAV debut in 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show

Autel subsidiary ——Autel Intelligent Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is shown the three new products in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
This is the first time in the exhibition hall arrangement CES unmanned operatin systems exhibition for the UAV and similar remote or automatic electronic products on display. The exhibition has more than a dozen of UAV exhibitors company,it’s said that Autel intelligent aviation UAV formation is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year. The three new products on display were the latest development of intelligent aerial UAS X-Star 3 and Venture I, as well as a portable HD sports camera X-Memo. During the exhibition, said through intelligent manipulation of aviation technical team had a good show UAV flight pattern, show a remarkable characteristic of the flight control system. These UAVs in flight network circled lined up, circling, people have the crowd, deeply surprised and curious in this technology

Autel News

“Autel Intelligent aviation chief engineer Dr Chow said in an interview:” We are a passionate team, UAV technology has a persistent pursuit. One of our priorities is to explore the creation of an easy-to-fly aeronautical products, our responsibility is to develop in different areas of future UAVs more applications.


About CES
CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, bringing together all the focus on consumer technology product development and production companies in the world. Forty years, the show held in Las Vegas every year, and provide a testing ground for the innovative talents and breakthrough technologies. A new generation of products will be introduced to the market through this global area.


Learn more about the Autel Tech intelligent aviation UAV unmanned aircraft products:


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